Introduction to badminton

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Commonwealth Games: England men and women beat India for bronze medals

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Badminton Tactics in Doubles – Attack and Defence

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North Midway Badminton League

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Some professionals used small-headed switching with flexible-material strings advanced gut strung at very strong tension. Recreational badminton, on the other hand, is a popular outdoor summertime activity. England won bronze medals in both the men's and women's hockey at the Commonwealth Games with victories over India.

The women's team eased to a victory to secure England's th medal at the. A great sports for fitness, badminton is excellent for people of all ages and provides a great choice for those wanting to give a new racket sport a go. Find out all about badminton and why you should start playing.

Badminton is officially the fastest of all racket sports. Players can hit the. Serving the world of Badminton since Maintained for more than 23 years as a service to the world's badminton community. The North Midway Badminton League was created in as a development league for all ages.

We wanted to provide children with the opportunity to play competitive games and badminton coaching in a friendly, encouraging and enjoyable environment.

In a badminton doubles rally you will either be attacking or defending, and it’s important to understand which tactical situation you’re in, where you and your partner should be standing, and the effect your shot will have on the situation.

In other words, it is important to understand basic badminton tactics!So if you are uncertain about these tactical aspects, read on. Introduction. Badminton Essex is the home of competitive badminton in Essex and the London Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham, and Redbridge & Waltham Forest.

Introduction to badminton
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