Santol vinegar essay

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Santol Eraser

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2. If the santol seeds are used in the mixture, then there will be no effect on the eraser’s erasing ability. 3. If the santol pulp is used, then the eraser will produce less dust. Significance of the study. The study is conducted by the researchers to determine the capability of Santol(Sandoricum koetjape) as an added ingredient in making erasers.

Santol Vinegar Essay Sample. Introduction Santol or cotton fruit (Sandoricum koetjape) is a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia (, Retrieved July, ).

Mix the Santol pulp with Pliatex and water, evenly, depending on how large you want the eraser to be (for example, use 10 mL of water,10 mL of Pliatex, and 10 mL of Santol). In a different container, put half as much vinegar as you have combined between Pliatex, santol, and water.

Santol Vinegar (Sandoricum koetjape) SUBMITTED BY: Monica A. Esguerra BSIT-3A/FOODS SUBMITTED TO: PROF. NESTOR PASAHOL INSTRUCTOR Chapter 1 Vinegar Essay whether or not you should water with vinegar is to test the alkalinity of the soil.

Production Of Pen Ink From Pulverized Charcoal Essay Sample

You can get a pH soil testing kit at a local garden or hardware store. “14 Health Benefits of Santol Fruit” Take the roots and boil them, then add water and vinegar and drink daily until the diarrhea is curtailed and this mixture helps with intestinal.

Santol or wild mangosteen: The shape is likened to that of a round pear and it needs to be peeled. Usually it has 4 seeds inside which should not be taken because of the active ingredient that has similarities to commercial insecticides.

Santol vinegar essay
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