What to write a college admissions essay on

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Application Essays

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College Application Essay

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Crafting an Unforgettable College Essay

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Watch video · Stacey Brook is a writer, admissions expert, and the founder and chief advisor of College Essay Advisors, an education company that offers online courses and in-person college essay. The college essay is an important vehicle for telling the admissions committee about yourself, but the academic factors (like your transcript) are far more important, even if the essay is worthy.

Admissions officers have to read an unbelievable number of college essays, most of which are forgettable. Many students try to sound smart rather than sounding like themselves. Others write about a subject that they don't care about, but that they think will impress admissions officers.

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We will get into the actual writing of the essay and its editing in a future post, but to summarize so far, make sure you:Clear your mindMake a schedule of how you will work on your essayResearch approaches to essay writing and sample college application essaysThink about meaningful personal experiences that have shaped your lifeJot down ideas for potential themes in your essay.

A college essay is not an academic essay, and it’s not an essay that you would write in English class. College essays are a completely unique type of writing that somehow became one of the most important parts of a college application — despite the fact that almost no student is ever really taught how to write them in high school.

What to write a college admissions essay on
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Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay